Sun. Aug 9th, 2020


5 Minutes of This Workout may benefit heart and brain

According to the preliminary research there is a technique known as the Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) with the help of which you can now boost the physical performance as well as cognitive performance along with better cardiovascular health. Though we all know that eating right food and doing some exercise every day will keep us healthy, most of us will not follow it on a serious note. You need to put a lot of efforts due to which we might not work out. 

There is actually a new technique which has to be followed just for 5 minutes and you will be able to lower the risk of heart attack, improve blood pressure, enhance your sports performance while boost your cognitive ability too. Everything can be achieved by this method without moving from here and there. This technique is known as the Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training or IMST. 

Why you need to know about IMST?

This is a process in which you need to inhale through resistive hand held device known as inspiratory muscle trainer. It was primarily created for those who were suffering from various respiratory problems like bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary, cystic fibrosis etc. When it was tested in a group of people for 6 weeks, the participants were asked to perform 30 inhalations each day and it has been observed that their systolic blood pressure was down by 12 millimetres of mercury. Even if you exercise for the same time you might not be able to lower your blood pressure more than half of that. 

Boosts cognition and lowers the blood pressure:

When the research was made on those who tried IMST and between those who were using a resistance device for inhalation it has been noticed that people with IMST had lower blood pressures while their arteries were functioning better than before. They were also able to perform better treadmill tests and other cognitive tests. When the treadmill test was performed, they had the ability to run for a longer period of time and still their oxygen consumption and heart rate were at low. 

IMST can be done anywhere immediately from your home or office. You can get immediate benefits out of it and best option to reduce the blood pressure. Though it is highly beneficial it’s always better to consult a physician before you try it out. This will also help you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How does food impact our health?

Our body will get the required amounts of material that we need for proper functioning through the food which we eat. Our health might decline if we are unable to provide our body with right and sufficient healthy food. When we eat foods, which are not required by our body or which might give wrong instructions to our body, we will start gaining weight and which might lead to various health diseases like heart diseases, arthritis or diabetes. Whatever we eat will directly affect our health. Food is considered to be a medicine with which you can maintain, prevent and treat several diseases in our body. 

What do the foods do in our body?

When we eat food, the nutrients from the food will be sent to the cells so that they can perform their respective functions normally. Nutrients nourish our body and help in the development, growth and maintenance of our body functions. When the body doesn’t get enough nutrients there are chances that your health might decline gradually. In such cases the cell activity and the metabolic process might slow down and eventually stop. Its nutrients provide instructions to our body to function well. 

Connection between food and disease: Most of the researchers now believe that various health diseases might be due to the diet which we follow. When there is a biological dysfunction it will lead to obesity, type II diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and various cancers. Diet is an important aspect which you need to consider here as maintaining balance between the nutrients is linked to dysfunction. Through proper nutrition you will be able to treat and prevent various complex diseases. By taking the foods and nutrients which are needed for our body to restore its functions you can now lead a healthy life.

How processed foods in the diet affect our health?

Processed foods are known to be very harmful as a diet saboteur. It has a very bad reputation as it causes rapid weight gain, high blood pressure as well as Type 2 diabetes. But not many people have clear idea about what actually processed food is. Processed food is more harmful than canned cheese, potato chips boxed macaroni and drive-thru hamburgers.

Processed foods are actually any food that has been altered during its preparation in order to increase its shelf life or to make it more flavourful. But a box of macaroni or any readymade microwavable meal can be considered as, on heavily processed since they’ve been chemically altered using artificial flavors, preservatives and other ingredients.

Here we will discuss about some major Health Risks of consuming Heavily Processed Foods

  1. Increased cancer risk. 

Researchers have found that every 10 percent increase in intake of heavily processed food has caused 12 percent higher risk for cancer.

  • Contains excess amount of sugar, sodium and fat:

 Heavily processed foods often contain unhealthy portion of added sugar, sodium and fat. Though these ingredients make the food taste a lot better, but at the same time these ingredients leads us to severe health issues like heart problems, obesity, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

  • Processed foods lacks nutritional value:

Heavy processing destroys the basic nutrients of the foods, that’s why you won’t actually benefit from consuming them as the essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients have been literally stripped off those canned foods.

  • High in calorie:

If you are on diet then consuming processed bagged foods like pasta, salad dressing, even yogurt or pre made meals can be detrimental for you as you will consume more calories than its unprocessed counterpart. Though you will feel good eating these processed foods as they are made to stimulate our brain’s dopamine hormone making us addicted to these processed foods in the future. If you are already addicted with canned or precooked meals, it must be difficult for you to cut the amount of processed food you often consume. But if you look at its dangerous outcome it won’t take you much time to realize how much damage you are causing to yourself on a daily basis. You can gradually replace consumption of processed foods with more freshly cooked foods. In fact if you are too busy, you can cook in a larger batch as this will be more convenient and healthy option for you.